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  1. Lisa Otto says:

    Cathy, Just a note to tell you how much I love having your business around the corner. Konner, being a therapy dog must be bathed on a weekly basis and I know he is getting the best care at UPS! If he were a small dog that would be great but a 140 lb. dog is not easy to handle. He has never been stressed when I pick him up and is always ready for his hospital visits. Thank you for caring for him so well and making is easier to make these visits that are so important to so many!

  2. Concerned says:

    I am familiar with behind the “scene” at this shop and it’s not as pretty of a picture as it seems. Brandon is VERY abusive with the dogs and Cathy let’s people go when she is confronted with it. Why do u think he has all those scratches on his arms. Think about it and take your dog elsewhere.

    • Cathy says:

      The person that left this comment is a disgruntled employee. She was terminated and it is not because of what she is stating. I cannot comment why she was terminated but here at Ultimate Pet Spa we have nothing to hide. I have an open concept and seating for you if you are concerned that any of my employees are abusing any dog. We all love our job and the dogs that come here. We get dogs that hate the bath and drying procedure and will fight for all of it. That is when my bathers get scratched on their arms (some worse than others). I too have scratches on my arms all the time because of dogs not liking what I do but we are not hurting them in any way. Please feel free to sit and watch us work and you too will understand what we go through with some of our pet friends. We still love them even though they don’t like what we are doing to them.

  3. Elise Watkins says:

    I would just like to thank you for making my handsome boy so cute. I was extremely cautious with taking him to another groomer as I had a HORRIBLE experience at the last groomer, and they charged me litteraly double what you charged me and they did a horrible job amend injured my other dog, and they were very abusive to them. I am a customer for life thank you all again for taking such good care of my boy he was very happy when I picked him up!!!!! Thank you thank you Thank you

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